Women Over 60

Sharing Our Styles


The Women Over Sixty Sharing Our Styles website is for sharing and viewing photographs that show how fashion, hairstyles and beauty products actually look on typical women over age 60.

Typical means women such as yourself who are of all sizes and shapes; women that you see daily in your neighborhood, in stores or restaurants or church, at celebration parties, in the workplace, at the health club and other locations.

By Sharing Our Styles, we hope to help other women over age 60 who are searching for fashion ideas and suggestions.

There is a need to share our styles because pictures of women over age 60 are seldom seen in fashion and beauty ads in magazines, on internet sites or in catalogs.

Clothing that is meant for older women is shown on younger models. Ads for beauty products and hairstyles show women with no wrinkles and no gray hair.

People in advertising and marketing say women age 60 don’t want to see another woman age 60 in an ad.

We want to see the those “real” women on this website. We want you to share your photographs and provide other women with ideas for fashion, hairstyle and makeup.

Women in the photos will be:

  • Age 60 and over.
  • All sizes and all heights.
  • All colors of skin.

All physical conditions—including women who are using walkers, canes or a wheelchair (they still like to look good and feel good about their appearance).

There are many possible examples. The photos could show a woman:

  • In formal wear for a special occasion.
  • Dressed for a party, wedding or bar mitzvah.
  • In casual clothes (such as joining friends for lunch).
  • Dressed for a meeting, church, play, or work.
  • In apparel that is years old, but still worn and enjoyed.
  • In an outfit hand-sewn or hand-knit.
  • In a new hairstyle or a new hair color.
  • With gray hair (worn short, medium or long).
  • Wearing a new color of lipstick.
  • Before and after a makeover at a cosmetic counter.

All photographs are welcome (please, no nudity).

For viewers — This website does not recommend, suggest, give tips or tell you what to wear or how to style your hair or what color of lipstick is best. Look at the photos and decide what you think will look good on you. Then go shopping.

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